Friday, February 22, 2013

Good News!

All quiet here. Keita is in Segou and the days progress with lightning speed in a monotonous and solitary but not wholly unpleasant fashion which involves  work in the studio in the mornings; making a visit to the library, then battling with appalling internet connection  in the afternoon before taking Petit Bandit on a  ride into  the hinterland.  At sunset I enjoy a lonely drink on the terrace, then diner à un under the stars is followed by the news on ORTM- Malian TV. Finally I escape into another time and place with one of the DVD’s inherited from Lulie: last night Dr. Zchivago...

 However, much is stirring or potentially stirring under the calm surface...
 First, there is a new date for the MaliMali Fashion Show at the Villa Soudan in  Bamako. (Sylvie of the Villa Soudan popped in the other day, see above.)  The original date was cancelled in December because of feared unrest in connection with ex-prime minister Diarra’s forced resignation. But now Carin Wall, the Swedish Ambassador, has given the go-ahead for the 14th of March
 Please, please, please! If there is any civil unrest planned, would potential troublemakers be so kind as to hold on until after the 14? MaliMali would be most grateful.

 I am therefore now in the laborious process of trying to do sensible marketing things like setting up a Facebook page for MaliMali so people can Like Us, however much it goes against the grain- I don’t actually like Facebook at all.  But you try doing anything like that from Djenne! It is indeed Djenne rather than Timbuktu which is the End of the World, as noted many times before, and the connection here is lamentable.  Nevertheless.  Facebook has become a phenomenon here also.  The other day I received a request from our Djenne Djenno Chef Papa to become my ‘friend’! In his case it is rather a spectacular achievement, and one of which I am proud- Papa learned to read and write through M. Diarra’s  adult literacy evening classes, sponsored by MaliMali Projects.  And now he is an energetic Facebook devotee, sending messages all around the World!


Blogger Susan Scheid said...

Ah,good news, indeed. I will be knocking all available wood. Your Facebook story is lovely, actually. Good things do come of it, in the midst of all the rest, it seems.

10:59 PM  

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