Saturday, April 20, 2013

Onwards and Upwards...

...with this wonderful sketch from a manuscript I found this morning at the Djenne Manuscript Library. It is from an undated and incomplete document which arrived with a whole lot more in a bundle last week- a new acquisition from a Djenne family of the Bozo tribe.
The manuscript deals with Magic, as so many do.  It talks of both love and traditional healing, Mohammed tells me. Whether this drawing has any meaning or whether is just a decoration was not clear. It  looks as if it is taken straight out of a textile designer’s notebook c. 1950 I think. It is quite probable that is at least  150 years old however, because it belongs to a well known Djenne family who has not been operating in the field of maraboutage for several generations. Normally these sort of esoteric manuscripts have been produced in a family which has a Koran school and where the Paterfamilias is a Marabout.
So here comes MaliMali’s new fabric design!


Blogger Susan Scheid said...

Well, this is magic, and what a beautiful design for your fabrics, too. That you also found such a wonderful Stevens poem, one of so many I don't yet know, is magic, too! I'm off to read it now. Have a glorious day!

4:12 PM  
Blogger Gilliane said...

Yes Sophie it's a brilliant design :)

4:27 PM  
Blogger mary said...

Wow! What a stunning design. Your days sound fairly idyllic and I think too often our thoughts run forward when maybe we should enjoy living in the present much more. Live for the moment. You do so many great things in Djenne and have such a heart for the people there that I don't think you should be too reflective about the future.

4:37 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

yes indeed Mary,you are quite right let's just stay in the present, because that is all that matters!
I thought you would like it Gilliane- isnt it amazing it is probably drawn at the time of High Victoriana!
and enjoy the Stevens Susan- thank you for introducing me!

8:55 PM  
Blogger mary said...

I wasn't being flippant about the present as if that was the only thing that was important. Of course the future matters but I was trying to say that we mustn't let thoughts of the future spoil our enjoyment of the present. Nor should you undervalue your contribution to the MaliMali team and the health and education of many people in Djenne.I hope that your Bambara is improving!

7:54 AM  
Blogger toubab said...

Thank you Mary! I know you are not flippant and I always value your comments and advice.
The Bambara is progressing- I should have started this draconian 'immersion method' years ago!

3:40 PM  

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