Friday, June 07, 2013

Djenne Jeremiad

A few years ago I found this picture on the floor at Malik Sidibe’s studio in Bagadadji, Bamako, about to be swept out. I asked the grand old man if I could have it, he agreed and even stamped the back of the picture with ‘Malik Sidibe Studio’.

I can never watch this little girl without smiling. She cheers me up every time.
And now she illustrates perfectly what I feel like.  Everything is wrong!

Confusion reigns everywhere:  On the top of the list there is the Kidal crisis which is disturbing me greatly.


Blogger Aurelien Tobie said...


I stayed at your hotel some years ago, and fell in love with Mali. So much so that I decided to try and live there, and after years of efforts, I have finally found a job in Bamako. I will be arriving there on 16 July.
In the meantime, I live in London and would love to see the sandals you are trying to sell there. Perhaps my girlfriend would like them?
Let me know if we can meet.
My email is

4:06 PM  

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