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I can't not say at least something about the passing of Mandela- although everything has been said already I have to at least add my little voice from Djenn√© into the great madrigal of world  homage.
I cannot claim to have met him, nor to have any new insights in to his life but I have noticed that he is revered  and will be remembered for the most noble of human virtues and qualities:


and probably I have forgotten something: yes, of course, Tenacity and Faith  (although I am not sure about the details: I don't know anything about this side of him...)

Rest in Peace Mandela.


Blogger David said...

Indeed - what's left to say? But I did admire Peter Tatchell for daring to give a mixed picture, starting from the point we all share but pointing out that from a great man we could have expected even more: after all, Mandela's government didn't do enough to acknowledge the AIDS epidemic and he never spoke out against Mugabe. Which would be unfair to note if Tatchell hadn't acknowledged the man's towering heroism in the first place.

12:03 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

Oh, yes; of course. But did Mandela not have a son that died of AIDS? And I thought he had therefore come out and made a stand for the fight against AIDS? Or am I mixing him up with TUTU? I am really not very 'up' on these facts...And about Mugabe: well, I was extremely surprised to note when in Ghana how many Africans (and intellectuals to boot!) that admire Mugabe! Mandela was not one of them, most likely, but he knew what a following he has...

3:21 PM  

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