Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bad Brush Rose

The last few days I have been trying to galvanize myself into some action on the fabric front. MaliMali needs new fabric designs and new garments too.  But even that is harder than usual too in the rainy season, because I feel so worn out by the perennial difficulty of just living during this season. And as usual there is no decent material to work with. As usual the termites have been at the pattern paper or I find that all the brushes have disappeared, and when I raise hell and ask where they have gone no one has any idea. Maman says he will have a look around. He comes back and says he has found one brush. Well it is a brush, granted, but it seems to have been used by Ace’s workmen during the recent hotel room painting. In the absence of anything else, and too tired to make a fuss, I decided that I might as well have a go. This fabric will be called the Bad Brush Rose. I am quite pleased with it actually....


Blogger Susan Scheid said...

Your solutions are ingenious. Out of sheer frustration, you make something beautiful!

2:01 AM  
Blogger toubab said...

thank you Susan- Frustration can be quite useful!

2:54 AM  

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