Friday, May 29, 2015

London Delights

My London friends have taken it upon themselves to see to it that I am constantly steeped in all things lovely and European while I am here for my brief yearly visit: noone more so than David, the most frequent commentator in this journal. On Tuesday he took me to my favourite concert venue: The Wigmore Hall, for a stunning performance by James Ehnes on violin and Andrew Armstrong on piano, performing music  which was all  composed during the first world war: the programme  included  violin sonatas from Elgar, Debussy and Respighi.  But David doesn’t like it at the Wigmore Hall for some reason- and also he tells me that these sorts of concerts are old fashioned and  have no appeal for younger audiences! Oh, well , just shows how out of step I clearly am with the youth of today…but David too had to admit that it was a spectacular performance . Here is his review:

And then the next day followed 'The Audience,' a play by Peter Morgan about the Queen and her prime ministers and their weekly meetings which is now also on Broadway with Helen Mirren as Queen. In London the role of Queen is convincingly played by Kristin Scott Thomas, a very good comedy actress. And comedy it was of the highest order- especially funny the recent addition to the play which was written just a couple of weeks ago , after Cameron’s surprise election win.

And then there is Jeremiah, always ready with a stream of lovely invites: last night his Twelve Star gallery opening at the European Commission:  showing work by Albanian painter Bashkim Izano : here with my friend Clare.

But tonight my thoughts will return towards Mali: we are going to see Timbuktu, the film which is released today in London cinemas.  In the midst of all the jolly times I am following  with concern what is happening in ‘my’ poor Mali… and as many times before, Bruce Whitehouse’s blog has been able to present the current situation with admirable clarity:


Blogger David said...

Yikes, who's the Michelin man up top? Photo taken by a very good-humoured fellow with one hand. Just to clarify: I DID like it at the Wigmore on Wednesday because the concert hadn't sold out, ridiculously, and so the audience was more of a mix than the core of wealthy chamber-music lovers of a certain age who get to the top concerts as they belong to the 'First Circle'.

I also said I don't think chamber concerts generally appeal to younger audiences, but there's no reason why certain festivals and artists shouldn't change that. This was exactly the sort of amazing programme which would - and did - get absolutely everyone excited.

I'll leave Sophie to report if she wants on Timbuktu the film, so understated, beautifully filmed and intensely human. Malians would be shocked to know it costs £15 to see a film.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Susan Scheid said...

You know, I've only met David "live" once, and I know you only in the blogosphere, yet I take such delight in seeing you both there (better even than seeing David in the company of Mike Leigh). Have a wonderful time in London--well, it seems, you already are!

12:04 AM  

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