Saturday, June 13, 2015

Holiday mood

Have decided to dive  wholeheartedly into my holiday, since the Malian situation is hardly being helped by my worrying about it. And in any case what is happening is pretty difficult to grasp from this angle: The Platforme still occupies Menaka it seems, although the ultimatum period has long passed. However, in a couple of days, the twentieth, a new deadline looms: this is the date when the CMA are supposed to sign the all –important peace agreement. My guess is that It is unlikely they will sign if the Plateforme still occupies Menaka...
 but, yes, what was I saying? I am enjoying Sweden which is showing its most beautiful summery aspect in light shades of green; with  flower strewn meadows; glittering water and a mild sun which immediately returns me to Swedish default mode: that is to say that I  find myself sunbathing(! )

 I am meeting a cavalcade of dear friends and all my cousins: here with  Pelle and Eva  in my child hood paradise Torekov; 

Lasse and Sissi in Djursholm  

with  Greger   
and my god  daughter Ida with boyfriend Senai Stockholm.  

 Now finally here is Hans Bulthuis, the Swedish/Dutch mud house building expert and entrepreneur who visits Djenné every year: I am visiting him and his wife Jenny on the island of Gotland where he has just launched a new project: he is reviving the local wool industry with a century  old wool washing factory which he has bought and transported from Spain!

Here their beautiful 'Mallas Stenstugu' farm on Gotland.


Blogger Susan Scheid said...

Enjoy your holiday, Sophie. Sweden looks lovely just now!

3:00 PM  
Blogger David said...

Ah, Gotland - happy memories. It poured and I froze in Bergen, but Denmark this week had idyllic June weather. I think the Danes even take pride of place over Swedes and Norwegians for sheer ease and fun (much as I love many specimens of both nations).

11:50 PM  

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