Sunday, July 05, 2015


Despite the heavy clouds that hang over us here in Djenné, both figuratively and literally, Djenné claims us back with the merciful and ordinary joys  which belong to every day life such as breakfast under the flamboyant tree within  hearing distance of Petit Bandit who is munching happily just a stone throw  away on the tender new grass which has sprouted since  the first rains.
And of course it is fun to be back in the studio: we have been thrown back immediately into febrile production mood, because our French Riviera client has sold out of the MaliMali clothing in their boutique!
 So life does go on, certainly... And I went to the library  to see the  staff of course : all is well and they seemed genuinely happy to see me back! I realize that all these things are the ingredients that  make life worth living here and I will continue to fight for our life in Djenné...


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