Monday, June 22, 2015

Good things only!

I am riding on the  crest of a happy wave at the moment: everything is going my way. The weather reports forecast only rain; but every time  I  need to go out for a walk by the sea in my childhood paradise Torekov -where the scent of the  roses and the sea weed produce heady madeleine  moments - or have a midsummer  garden party with friends or sit in the harbour and eat ice cream the sun has been conveniently streaming down.  

And the sunniest of all the good things is of course that the last rebels (the MNLA among them) have finally signed the peace agreement in Bamako on Friday.the 20th  . This was not done without cost and further concessions on behalf of the Malian government who had to lift the arrest warrants on 15 wanted terrorists, and who also had to persuade the GATIA and the Plate-form to evacuate Menaka, in order to let the UN troops in accompanied by the Malian Army to keep the peace.

But Hurrah! This is a great step forward for peace in Mali.


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