Wednesday, August 12, 2015


One of Keita’s finest attributes is his kindness: it is obvious to everyone that he has a warm and generous heart. He also has a big hearty 1augh and a wonderfully contagious giggle, but these have not been heard in any great measure recently. His illness has made him quiet and patient, and even milder than his norma1 self. He speaks with a quieter voice and almost only when spoken to. It seems to it me as if he is fading somehow. Of course it doesn’t matter to me that he is quiet: I am happy that he is here with me.  At the same time the thought that he may soon be gone recurs and as always that idea is incomprehensible to me. How could someone sitting here next to me, someone whose face I know so well suddenly not exist anymore? Anyway, he is alive and God willing he will live for some years to come still…
He will leave this weekend for Segou and his other family and a few days 1ater, inshallah, we will get the good news that the drugs have arrived and then we will travel to Bamako for his treatment.


Blogger David said...

Yes, it's incomprehensible when someone's so much there that he or she won't be in time (doesn't that apply to us all, though of course this is so devastatingly imminent - but it could be years if the French drug works, hoping so much for that).

It was so good to hear Keita laughing so freely down the phone when you were with us.

9:44 AM  
Blogger Pascal et Monique said...

Oh Sophie! We are so sorry reading these bad news! We were not in Lyon, riding our bikes through Germany and I had no internet connection easily available that's why we got the News of your summer all at once. The library ones are of course very good ones and we congratulate you and your staff for the magnificent work you are all doing. As for Keita, we hope, with all our heart, that the French drug will be helpful. If you think we could, in any way, ease the process of getting and shipping it, please don't hesitate and ask us. We don't know Keita yet but you managed, on your blog, to make us like such a wonderful person! We do hope for the best to come!
Monique et Pascal

10:41 AM  
Blogger toubab said...

Thank you David, Pascal and Monique and others who I know are cheering us on. It is good to know you are thinking of us!

11:01 AM  

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